I have a lovely, quiet office in the heart of Commercial Drive.

My office is easily accessible from all over Metro Vancouver.

There is parking in the back and my office is wheelchair accessible.

Dr. Joanne MacKinnon
Registered Psychologist

CPBC #1147

204-1448 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC V5L 3X9

“The significant problems in our lives cannot be solved at the same level of understanding we were at when we created them.”
Albert Einstein

Holistic, Experiential and Effective Psychotherapy

For over 25 years I have enjoyed working with people from a wide variety of spiritual, religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. I work with people who are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, polyamorous, and transgender.

Wholeness, Health and Integration

I have the privilege of witnessing my clients heal from difficult and emotionally painful experiences, release ineffective and self-defeating behaviours and beliefs, and develop adaptive self-images and ways of being in the world.

Please Note: Photo is over 10 years old

To learn more, take a look at My Approach or Who I See.  

If you have questions, or to book an appointment please do not hesitate to call or email me. Please note that I check email more frequently than voicemail.

Joanne MacKinnon, Ph.D., R. Psych, CPBC #1147